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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 1, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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welcome good morning to you. welcome to monday. it's november 1st. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. let's start with weather. good morning steve. good morning. schoolboys are mostly clear. a little sunny and warmer today and most of the week. we had a lot of 60s yesterday. we'll have low to mid 70s today. westbound 24 traffic looks pretty good. also this morning's commute is okay if you're driving in san francisco along northbound 101 coming up to the 80 split. now let's go to back to the desk. >> thank you. the giants could make bay area sports history tonight. they are on their way to making their move. >> aubrey huff. hits one a ton into right.
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>> aubrey huff and buster posey homered to san francisco. rangers 4-0 in texas last night. the giants now lead the series three games to one. a victory tonight would give the giants the first world series title sings 1954. no one is ready to pop the champagne corks just yet. >> it's a good spot to be in. we had a three run lead against the phillies and they came back to beat us. >> madison bumgarner allowed three hits in the eighth inning. he did not allow a runner past second base. lincecum will pitch for the giants tonight. >> you think giant fans are happy? they are excited. they will be singing a familiar song again tonight. they sound good too. that is journey 1981 song don't stop believing. it has never sounded fresher to
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giant fans. it's become the adopted theme song. they are sing it with gusto at the ballparks and local hangouts. >> it's a san francisco song. everybody loves everybody. >> journey's lead singer steve perry loves it. he's a huge giants fan. recently joined the crowd singing that song at at & t park. many giants fans will be gather outside of san francisco hall. the mayor has announced the potential clinching game will be broadcast live on a jumbo troll screen. it will be similar to -- now you can also watch game five of the world series right here on ktvu channel 2 our coverage begins at 4:30. our time right now 5:02. we have breaking news in san
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jose. firefighters are at a scene of a four alarm fire. this started this morning on a building on north 10th street. jade hernandez just talk to the investigatorred. they say thus is suspicious. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that information didn't come from investigators. it came from firefighters. i can tell you it's extremely loud. we're standing by several engines and fire trucks. an arson investigate sour is out here this morning. this is a four-alarm fire. it involved two buildings this morning that caught fire around 2:38 this morning. joining us this morning is captain debbie ward. you can update us on how progress has been made on the fire. >> the fires are extinguished. we're in overhaul phase. they are look for any hidden fires. the fires were toward the rear of the building.
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>> we were talking a few minutes before we went live this is effecting training. cargo trains behind these buildings that have tracks. >> yeah. union pacific so it's cargo only. we have stopped the trains we're not sure when we can resume those. >> the fire broke out around 2:38. when firefighters arrived they found this place engulfed. >> yeah. the fire was toward the rear of the building. we had two companies that went interior on both buildings. they made progress through. they forced their way through the frondeurs and forced their way back. we had crews that went through the alley. >> thank you very much. captain debbie ward. as we mentioned earlier this was a four-alarm fire with 75 firefighters out here. at this point we're told it is suspicious. there san arson investigate --
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there is an arson investigator out here. an overnight shooting in san francisco injured a three- year-old girl and two adults. that happen add 25th and kentucky streets. congress congress is live with that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes all three victims are in the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. police are still looking for whoever is responsible. this is petro hill neighborhood. the victims include a 20-year- old man and a 54-year-old man and a 3-year-old girl. witnesses told ktvu the three- year-old and grandfather had just come back from a halloween party and were out in front of their apartment when the shots were fired. the 54-year-old grandfather was shot once and injuries not life
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threatening. the girl was hit multiple times while her injuries were not thought to be life threatening but police say it should be considered serious. a 20-year-old man was also found shot. he was shot multiple times. it is not clear at this point how he is connected to the other two victims. certainly that is part of the investigation. police are not releasing any information. we will be out to the scene later and keep you updated. live in the new mexico claudine wong. thank you. time now 5:06. oakland police are offering a reward for the $45,000. this happened early yesterday morning at suits nightclub on
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broad street. >> it was mayhem after the shots were fired. when the shots were fired everybody scattered we could not -- no one found the shooter. >> a man was shot in the back is believed to have been the target. none of the injuries are described adds life threatening. so far no arrests have been made. san francisco police are investigating a death of a man found unaccording in the bay. the police pulled the man from the water yesterday. he did die shortly afterwards. police say he was in his 40s or 50s but we don't know his name as yet. it's not clear why he was in the water. ac transit riders will have to adjust to longer waits. the agency implemented service yesterday. some of the big changes include
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reducing frequency on 28 lines and eliminating service to the bart station and along oakland broad terrace. they expect the cuts to save $11 million. sal is here. we say good morning to him and i know you're already watching our commute. >> that is right dave and pam. good morning to you. traffic is doing well along the bay area. so far we've had people on the road early this morning. this is look at interstate 880. traffic is moving along there. no problems there. the traffic also looks good on westbound bay bridge. approach is light. no metering lights on the way into san francisco. and this morning's drive waking up with a good drive here. northbound 280 traffic looking pretty good. >> yes. it's clear out there. a little bit of fog. napa airport a little bit of
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fog. i don't think it will last long. it looks like a very quiet week. warmer. 70s inland. low. maybe a few mid. upper 60s on the coast. looks good. a little patchy fog. 47 livermore-concord. mid 50s in the city and oakland- berkeley is 53. eye chi yeah is down a little cool there 44. 40s and 50s santa barbara. there is a strong system in the gulf of alaska. everything goes up as that system deepens it will send everything to the north. the storm track or jet stream is going up to seattle. we will have a dry pattern for awhile. mostly sunny and warmer.
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in fact we will see a lot of 60s. maybe even 80s. patchy fog and sunny and warmer. a cool morning. so 60s for someone the coast. it will be a beautiful day. coast bay and inland everyone will get in on the sunshine. it will be warmer. that will take us into thursday. until then it looks good. >> thank you. this morning a hearing on arizona's controversial immigration law take place in san francisco. the high profile politician that will be in court this morning. plus a mad dash scramble before election day. the places and people the candidates are targeting. and good morning from washington, d.c.. we are learning new details about the bombs on cargo planes. traffic is moving well on southbound 101. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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welcome back. we are learning one of the bombs on cargo flights bound for the u.s. was first transported on passenger plane. ktvu alison burns joins us now from our washington, d.c. newsroom with who investigators believe is behind this plot. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. the same al qaeda team that developed the under wear bomb that was worn on a u.s. flight
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is believed to behind the scheme. investigators identified 28- year-old al qaeda bomb maker -- he is believed to be in yemen. the president's top counterterrorism aid said it's a global investigation. >> we cannot presume there are not individuals throughout the u.s. that might have some association with this plot. >> reporter: the revelation that one of the bombs was transported on passenger planes have raised security problems. we'll take a closer look at vulnerability. we are now hearing the death toll from an attack on a county lick church has risen to 47. attackers stormed through the baghdad church taking 120 iraqi christians hostage.
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four hours later iraqi security forces stormed the building. the gunman wanted to trade the hostages. brewer is in san francisco this morning to be at a hearing on the ninth circuit court of appeals. brewers lawyers will try to convince the judges to allow arizona to enforce that immigration law back in arizona. back in july a u.s. district court judge froze parts of the law including the provision that requires the police to check the immigration status of people they stop if they suspect they may be in this country illegally. bay area opponents plan to protest outside the courthouse. a new poll is showing latinos views have changed over the last three years. back in 200750% of latinos surveyed the growing number of
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illegal immigrants was a positive force for the existing latino population. in a few survey that number dropped to 29%. republican candidate for governor meg whitman will kick off her last day of campaigning this morning in menlo park. she spent the weekend campaigning in southern california. the latest field poll shows she is trailing jerry brown by 20 points. he will start the day in san diego. and wrap up his campaign with a rally at 5:00 in oakland. the u.s. senate race candidates are also campaigning up and down the state. carr lee fiorina rallied -- fiorina is trailing democrat barbara boxer by eight points. democratic incumbent barbara boxer spent yesterday in los
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angeles. she urged latino voters to show ups at the polls. you can find complete coverage of tuesday's election and the latest headlines on the campaign trail. it's right at our channel 2 website click on the election 2010 tab. 5:16 is the time right now. let's go back over to sal to check in on trouble spots for the commute. >> good morning pam and dave. so far so good. no major trouble spots. let's take a look at westbound highway 4. it is certainly getting busier. it's surprising how early people are out on the road. no major problems. 680 it looks good. moving along to highway 24 to lafayette that traffic looks good. to oakland with no major delays. of course once you get into san
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francisco 101 traffic looks good. it looks like fog is covering up our lens. let's talk to the meteorologist to see what happens there. >> i don't know about there. maybe up in the north bay. last week i was busy. usually i can put my feet up on the desk quiet. no. last week we had that low sitting up there. gave some areas of rain. some clouds. this week is a complete reversal. there is nothing but high pressure out there. after patchy fog moisture in the air. cent city has had rain and clouds up near eureka. that system is starting to punch northward into oregon. looks like we will be on the dry side. cooler in the morning. 40s and 50s and all signs point toward a warmer weather. 46 napa and santa rosa. 40s for livermore.
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and some low to mid 50s. oakland and berkeley. city was 65 the warmest. i'm going 70 today. 40s up in the mountains. ukiah 44. 40s and 50s down to southern california on the coast. that is a big system in the gunfire of alaska. that means high pressure is large and in charge as we like to say. as it does it sends everything way to the north. nothing breaking through until the weekend. that doesn't look very strong. temperatures starting to warm up a little bit yesterday. so patchy fog and it won't last long. sunny and warmer. a cool morning. 40s, 50s and give away to 60s. coast bay and inland carry that in. see a cooler pattern on friday.
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european stocks are mostly higher. that is after pretty strong gains overnight and asia. manufacturing in china is picking up. that sent the shanghai index up 2.5%. investigators are also betting that the u.s. central bank will pump more money into the american economy. that will effect the global economy as well. let's check where we start the week and month. looks pretty quiet. the dow jones at is 11, 118. it does look like a slightly higher opening. we'll get a better indication as we get closer to that opening bell. nintendo says it will cut prices on the wii index. minute den toe admits people
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that have not bought a wii system probably needs a reason to buy one since it's five years old. the supreme court will hear a case next week that could overturn a california law. there is no penalty for yet for -- rated for mature players to children. the 2005 state law calls for a $1,000 fine. the video makers sued to block that law from after taking effect. a bay area police chief is caught double dipping. it's not illegal but he doesn't want to talk about. plus why the business of legal marijuana might not be so clear cut if proposition 19 passes. good morning if you're driving on interstate 680 it's getting more crowded. it's not stop and go yet.
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you may want to get out there. other updates straight ahead.
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good morning. skies are clear. santa rosa says a little bit of fog. there is not much yet. sunny and warmer today. 60s to low to mid 70s. a scammer is using cal fire name to rip people off and scam them out of their money.
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cal fire says someone is making phone calls asking for money to help pay for cal fire crew training. the cal fire says its budget pays for all firefighter training. the agency was alerted to the scam from a resident that got a call asking for a donation. tic on police chief is one of the -- who is double dipping. chief michael already draws a pension of $184,000. but he told the new york times after three years of retirement he got bored so he took the job of tibaron police chief. that's where he earns $146,000 a year. marijuana themed businesses
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could pop up across the state. but the rules might not be the same from city to city. now if proposition 19 passes cities and counties will be able to control how much pot can be bought and sold but it will also allow legislature to pass statewide regulations. the unclear rules is make it difficult for people to get into the commercial pot industry. in one town you could be purchasing marijuana in the liquor store. another you could be buying it in a pot cafe. prop 19 would make it legal for adults to have up to an ounce or marijuana for recreational use and up to a 25 square foot garden. 5:26. the final days of the campaign. support somes to be fading opinion and exclusive field poll says 39% surveyed are
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against the proposition. 42 pest are in favor. 9% remain undecided. more than a dozen young people sent to the hospital. why the managers being criticized once again. and two buildings are still smoldering after a fire breaks out overnight. we have the details live from san jose. also giant fans hoping to see bay area baseball history tonight. and the mayor is inviting everybody come to a party. good morning westbound san mateo bridge looking good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. 3q
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we are back. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time now 5:30. let's check in with steve. thank you for the nice halloween forecast. >> i do it for you. >> i appreciate it. >> we have mostly clear skies. it looks almost clear. patchy fog. once we get rid of that it's sunny side up and warmer. now here is sal. good morning. traffic at the toll plaza not too bad at all.
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also if you are driving on 280 the same thing goes. you have a nice commute. the stage is set for baseball history. tonight the giants could win the franchise's first world series title since moving to san francisco. -- ktvu kraig debro joins us now. >> reporter: just in time for the clinching game there will be a big screen to watch the fit and final game in fact series. as for last night i don't think there is any way that a teams colors orange and black would lose. >> hits one into right. down the line. >> reporter: aubrey huff one of the castoffs that ended up on the giants connected to a two
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run homer. that was all the run support. 21-year-old madison bumgarner would need. he gave up eight hits over eight innings. slowing a slider and chasing speeds. armature strategy for a man that is the fifth youngest pitcher to ever start a world series game. >> there is a lot of times you have to step off and take deep breaths in any game. i think i did a good job of treating it like any game. >> we know it's a good ball club. >> here is the 2-2. slide into center. >> reporter: that ball kept going and going. buster posey to dead center field put the final nail in the rangers coffin. the giants are making all kinds of first. bumgarner and posey became the first rookie pitcher and
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catcher to start a world series game. tonight's game starters lincecum and cliff lee. game time is 4:57. we will be trying to find people that might want to come down to civic center plaza that will want to watch the game on a big screen. reporting live in san francisco ktvu channel 2 news. >> i think a few people will head down there. if you want to stay in the comfort of your living room watch it with us. game five of the world series right here. we also have breaking news right now in san jose. firefighters are at the scene of a four-alarm fire. this started this morning at two buildings on north tenth street. jade hernandez is already out there. i know you talked to firefighters is that right? >> reporter: that is right. the fire engulfed two
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buildings. the first is a club. the other is san jose metals. it's a recycling facility. san jose firefighters says the fire was called in at 238 and grew to a quickly four alarm fire. multiple trucks and engines. we don't believe anyone was inside. that's lucky this morning. we're told by several sources they are working this fire. it is suspicious and there have been other fires in the area in the last couple of days. but the fires spokesperson has been allowed to confirm the origin. we do believe there is an investigator already out here. we are told fifighters worked quickly. >> flames through the roof already. fire was toward the rear of the building. we had two companies that went interior on both buildings. they forced their way through the front doors. made their way toward the back. we had a third crew that went
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down the alley to extinguish the fire in the rear. >> reporter: we know this fire is effecting union pacific cargo trains. the trains have been stopped. firefighters do not know for how long they have to keep the tracks closed. we will keep you posted. reporting live from san jose jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:34. oakland police search continues now after a 16-year-old boy was shot to death. this happened late saturday night. police say chapman was riding a bike when someone continue fronted -- confronted him and shot him. the cal palates are being investigated again. it happened friday night at an event called the spook fest
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promoted by radio station live 105. party goers as lounge as 16 was allowed in. one emergency responder says there was drugs like ecstasy and cocaine and other drugs. >> we saw a lot of inability to maintain their airway. a lot of vomiting. >> five months ago at another rave, nine people were hospitalized. two of them died. state senator leeland yee says more should be done to prevent this. a trial starts today in oakland for a professional poker player accused of killing his parents. brutally beat his parents inside their castle wood country club home back in march of 2008. a disabled man hit by a bart pain is still in critical condition this morning.
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bart officials say 64-year-old curtis fuller and wheelchair fell off the platform saturday afternoon. he was hit by a richmond bart train and pinned beneath the train. it took rescuers ten minutes to get him out opinion highway patrol believes this dense fog may have lead to the death of a man who was hit on highway 101 in petaluma. investigators say an 86-year- old man pulled over to the center divide. he walked out into northbound traffic and was hit by a woman driving a honda. the highway patrol says she was not driving under the influence and may well not have seen him because of the dense fog. >> license plate numbers recorded will soon be cross checked with a criminal data base. four cameras were installed two weeks ago as cars enter and
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leave tic on photos are ticken. this week's software will be launched to check if the recorded license plates are associated with any criminal activity. it's monday. a new day a new month. sal is here. how are we starting off? >> we are doing okay. so far so good. it's early. hopefully it will stay and this trend will continue. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are not on. no major problem there is. taking a look at interstate 880 near the coliseum. that traffic moves along nicely. over to the peninsula highway 101. still looking pretty good. and as you head to the south bay for the most part we're off to a nice start here with a couple of slow downs that are for the early morning time. 5:38 here is steve. >> thank you. good morning. we do have mostly clear skies. a little patchy fog but like
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that will disappear. high pressure is building in. this will be a far different week than we had last week. that is for sure. no sign of any rain until the last five or six days as high pressure kicks in and sends everything way to the north. patchy fog and sunny and warmer. you can see everything lifting into oregon right now. clayton 145. lafayette 47. i saw danville in there as well. menlo park 47. 60s and 70s today. upper 60s to low 70s. 30s in the mountains. 44 ukiah. eureka 60. redding 50. good looking system. there is a lot of cold air. dynamic low up there but it's heading knot and everything
5:40 am
else is heading north. maybe by the end of the week one of the systems will come down and give us a hint of cloud and rain. the jet stream stays way to the north. there will also be warmer weather. patchy fog and sunny and warmer. cool morning. no 30s yet. 60s and 70s today. coast bay inland will be good to go. sunny and warmer. cooler thursday. fog coming back and friday system clips us for a cool down and increase in clouds. thank you. a bomb scare in the east bay. what was found in the trunk of a car that closed three area bart stations.
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good morning. very quiet out there. patchy fog. cool. 40s. we will end up with sunshine wall to wall. 60 to low to mid 70s. welcome back. here's a look at the top stories. the giants one win away from their first world series title since the team moved to san francisco. the giants beat the texas rangers 4-0 last night and the giants lead this series now three games to one. police in oakland trying to find the gunman that opened fire at a halloween party. shot nine people. this happened early yesterday morning at suits nightclub. that's where a party call the the fright fest was being held. the yemen base has been linked to the mail bomb plot.
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the same explosives were involved. the volcano in indonesia erupted again. now mount mer rap by -- merapi has been erupting for a week now. time now 5:44 the national hurricane center predicts tropical storm tomas could hit haiti. s storm that is northeast slipped from hurricane status but experts say it could get stronger as it crosses the warm caribbean waters. they are predicting tomas will hit north which will put it on the earthquake island of haiti. it will probably drop a lot of
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rain by the middle of next week. the countdown has started for the final space voyage of discoverty. the shuttle that has been set to lift off this afternoon had to be postponed because of a gas leak. repairs are finished. there is a good weather for wednesday's launch. it is the oldest member of the surviving space shuttle. one man is under arrest after a bomb square. they found the device after pulling over a man drive with stolen license plates. evacuations were ordered and the san leandro coliseum. the bomb squad says the device contained a timer, cell phones and wires. no explosives. the driver was arrested on drug and stolen property charges. a man who says he was molested 30 years ago by a
5:46 am
priest was arrested on charges that he lured that priest to a retirement home and attacked him. 44-year-old will lynch of san francisco surrounded to firefighters. lynch says that priest molested him when he was seven-year-olds along with his brother that was five years old at the time. he took the two of them out in the woods. he he sexually abused all of them and fallly tortured them as well. that's the history there. >> the father lives at the retirement home. he was not criminally charged. but it was a settlement of $625,000. we want to go over to sal what are you looking at sal? >> things have been pretty
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quiet this early start on a monday. we don't want to start with things that are tough. this morning we are doing pretty well. that traffic looks good heading down to the toll plaza. also the traffic looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound coming up to the peg. and this morning's commute into the south bay off to a nice start. northbound 101 especially coming into san jose. 5:47 here is steve. thank you. last week highway had plenty to talk about for those of you that work outside you can go forth with all of your fans it was clouds and rain was it going to rain or not rain. we got through games one and two. everything was settled in on the weekend. it's all gone. it will be sunny and warmer looks like the jet stream is going to go way to the north. school forecast if your children say mom, mom what is the forecast? cool in the morning.
5:48 am
40s. a little bit of patchy fog. sunny and warm. sunny and 70s as well. it looks good for everybody. 60s 70s and 70s. chilly in the morning. mountain view our target moon. high today 71 degrees. some 40s right now. low to mid. clayton and pleasant hill at 45. sunol 47. lafayette did i spell that right? >> yes. >> sometimes it throws me. north dakota 47. 30s reno. also tahoe. 44 ukiah clear. 40s, 50s and down to santa maria. last week that low parks itself right here and sat there and saturday there. finally got bumped in. as that storm deepens it sends the high up. that will continue to build
5:49 am
into wednesday and thursday before it backs off as the system approaches. until then our jet stream goes way to the north. high pressure builds in. it's a dry pattern and a warmer pattern. patchy fog and gives way to sunshine. a cooler morning. we will end up with 60s and 70s. some low to mid 70s inland. looks warmer into wednesday. probably fog returning around thursday. that will be patchy fog and cooler with clouds on friday. >> thank you. a new study shows 15 million homeowners are under water on their mortgages half owe 50% more than the current value. the study shows million of the homeowners continue to make house payments that could lead to further economic trouble down the road. they are using all of their available money forhousing and not any other consumer spending. wall street journal survey of frontline manager says many
5:50 am
are overestimating their skills with very little self-doubt. 72% say they never question their -- they also raise themselves on strong. a stanford business professor suggests many misunderstand feedback. well fright films topped the box office with what is called the final chapter of the jigsaw series. the top spot sue 3d took in 24 million because of the premium price. pair normal -- paranormal activity. a budget time bomb keeps ticking. the dilemma between san francisco muni and your wallet gets them out of debt. a look at halloween 2010
5:51 am
bay area style.
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welcome back to the morning news. the bay area kids scared up halloween fun last night with giants in mind. >> they said do you -- did somebody tell you look like tim lincecum. >> and you say? >> yeah. >> saw a lot of lincecum hair last night. this was the scene where there
5:54 am
were plenty of younger giants fans along with oh super heros, fairies, and cute little farm animal there. some kids filled their goody bags other snoozed through the whole thing. but they all seem to enjoy the traditional door to door adventure. the case of a mistaken identity ended with a tragedy shooting. voluntary security guard thought an actor who was playing a masked gunman was a real gunman and that guard shot him. that actor 32-year-old kurt died later at the hospital. the volunteer watchman was not supposed to carry guns. that 52-year-old guard is facing homicide charges. sad news came in overnight. a former nba star has died following a long battle with cancer. he was only 58 years old. he helped lead the portland
5:55 am
trail blazers to their 1977 nba title. lucas also played for five other nba teams. the san francisco school district is crack down on parents who lie about where they live to get their children into city schools. children that are caught have to leave their school immediately and parents will have to pay up to $4500. families that turn themselves in will avoid the cost associated with getting caught and children will be allowed to finish the semester. getting a parking ticket could get even more expensive. san francisco has the highest parking penalties in california and the new state budget includes a $3 surcharge on all parking penalties. no decision yet whether muni will raise parking penalties if it happens tickets for expired downtown meters could hit $58. and for meters elsewhere, $68.
5:56 am
so far pretty good commute. maybe people are sleeping in after a late night halloween. >> you may have something there, pam. it's probably going to start getting busier in the next hour so we can still say that right now 280 traffic approaching the 808 very busy. san jose still looking good. interchange still looking good. no major problems on 17 coming over the mountains. 680 southbound that is a nice looking drive heading from pleasantton and fremont. looks good. this morning's commute sure this is a little bit of a backup here. nothing major. once it gets on to the bridge it's a decent drive. it is 5:56 let's go back to dave and pam. thank you. the coroner is look to determine what killed a woman who's body was found in her burning home. firefighters pronounced her
5:57 am
dead. she was in her 60s but not released her name. the fire started early yesterday morning and investigators say it may have been started by materials near the water heater. two calistoga men are in jail this morning after firefighters discovered a marijuana operation in their backyard. crews responded to a fire on petri fewed forrest road. deputies found the remains of 50 marijuana plants, assault rifles, and two other weapons. we are not jinxing them. we are just going to say tonight could be the night for the san francisco giants. they are this close to being world champions and plus san jose firefighters rush to put out a major fire that erupted just hours ago. skies are mostically --
5:58 am
skies are mostly clear. we'll have the answer in two minutes.
5:59 am
giants are now within one win of a world series title. how they did it last night.


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